Designed for Kids, with Parents in Mind. 


What is PLAYGround?

Created from the ground up for kids, with parents in mind.

It’s three interfaces in one. The home screen changes based on your kid’s age and adapts to them based on their use. We’ve made it easier for younger kids to get to their favorite apps and given older kids more flexibility.  As your child grows the interface will evolve. If you have multiple kids, create individual profiles and each child will have their own personalized tablet.


Parental Controls

PLAYGround offers personalized control for every child. Manage which apps can be used, for how long and when. Create a schedule to ensure kids aren’t up all night, and much more!


Parent Dashboard

This is the Parent command center, where you can access your MyKids, Rewards, Apps, and your Account. 


MyKIDs easily manage your childs apps, schedule, rewards, websites and much more.  


PLAYConnect allows parents to access and control their child's tablet from their smartphone via PLAYMessenger.

Available only with PLAYGround PLUS

Time Outs

Easily disable your childs tablet with Time Outs


Easily enable or disable Apps on your childs tablet 


View photos that your kids are taking


See what kids are up to on their tablet

PLAYMessenger available on iOS and Android




Easily Control Your Child's PLAYGround from your phone.


Get PLAYCoins every month! 

Exclusive Content

Your Child receives exclusive rewards!

No Ads!

Your child will not see any kid-safe ads on PLUS!